Add-On Installation on ReadyNAS OS5 (ARM)

After downloading an add-on/app from this site you need to install it on your ReadyNAS manually. To install an add-on/app on your OS6 ReadyNAS, log in to the Dashboard web interface. To get to the management functions click on the “Configure” tab.


This will bring you to the main menu. There, head to the “Apps” tab.


In the upper right corner of that page you’ll see an icon that will show the help text “Add Add-on” when you let your mouse pointer hover over it.


Clicking on the icon brings up a file upload dialog where you first click on “Browse” to locate the add-on file you want to install.


Once you’ve selected the file click on “Upload” to start the verification process.

addon_installation_readynas_os5_005At the end of the upload and verification process a summary screen is displayed. Click on “Install” to start the actual installation of the add-on.

addon_installation_readynas_os5_006Installation will begin and activity is indicated by a circling “I’m doing something” icon. At the end of the process you’ll get another information screen telling the status of the installation action. Also, the add-on will show up on the “Installed Add-ons” page in Dashboard.