Add-On/App Installation on ReadyNAS OS 6 (ARM & x86)

After downloading an add-on/app from this site you need to install it on your ReadyNAS manually. To install an add-on/app on your OS6 ReadyNAS, log in to the Dashboard web interface and head to the “Apps” tab. In the upper right corner you’ll see an icon labeled “Upload”.


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Clicking on the “Upload” icon brings up a pop-up where you can click on the “Browse” button to open the file search window.


After selecting the .deb file of the add-on/app click on the “Upload” button to start the installation process.


PLEASE NOTE: Although the files have a .deb file name extension they are not meant to be installed from the command line using the standard package management tools. The reason for this is that the internal installation routines of the ReadyNAS will take care of installing additional packages needed by the add-on/app and will also add the new module to the list of installed applications. If you try to install from the command line of your ReadyNAS you’re likely to run into troubles and you may end up with a broken installation.

During the installation process there will be no visual feedback from the ReadyNAS. After the installation has finished you will get a message on the Dashboard screen instead telling you whether the installation was successful or not.


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To actually see the newly installed software in your list of installed apps you may need to click on the “Refresh” button to force a reload of the installed apps list. After a short while the app should be available in the updated list.


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