Upgrade Nextcloud 13 to 14 using built-in tools

If you intend to use Nextcloud’s built-in upgrade tool to go to version 14 you’ll need to go through some preparations first:

1. Install PHP 7.2

Since Nextcloud 14 requires PHP 7.0 or newer you will need to install that first. You can use my PHP 7.2 app or build your own, either way should work.

Make sure to install PHP 7 first since the Nextcloud app installer needs to make some changes to PHP’s configuration and those won’t work if PHP 7 isn’t installed on your NAS.

2. Upgrade your Nextcloud to 13.0.8

If you haven’t done so upgrade Nextcloud to version 13.0.8 from the “My Account” page on rnxtras.com.

Make sure to really use this version, please.

3. Upgrade to Nextcloud 14 using the integrated updater

Well, nothing special to watch out for here.

4. Activate SSH access to your ReadyNAS

If you haven’t done already now would be a good time to activate SSH access to your ReadyNAS through the System -> Settings web interface.

5. Finish upgrade on the SSH command line

Log into your ReadyNAS using SSH (username is “root”, password is the same as for the web UI) and run these two commands:

chmod 755 /apps/nextcloud/web/occ
sudo -u admin /apps/nextcloud/web/occ db:add-missing-indices

6. You’re done