As promised: OwnCloud 6.0.1 for R4/R5

As promised yesterday, here are the updated add-ons for ownCloud 6.0.1 for R4Sparc, R4x86 and R5ARM:

Have fun!


  1. James Bandes says:

    I loaded owncloud on a ReadyNas 3200 and everything works but I cant access the ADMIN panel. Http 500 error anyone know how to fix it.

    • There’s an updated version of the ownCloud add-on available that fixes this particular problem. You should be able to download the update from the “My Account” page.

      • James Bandes says:

        I am using 6.01 but I hope you a are correct. I have been going crazy trying to get it to work. It did not include xcache I will check my account. Thanks i love this site. Do you have a plugin so I can run MySQL on my readynas ?

        • On the 3200 MySQL should already be present but it may not be running. There was an add-on from “SuperPoussin” that would allow you to turn MySQL on and off. You should be able to find it on the ReadyNAS forums. If not it could check my archives.