CouchPotato updated for R4 (Sparc & x86)

Thanks to Chris I was notified of a problem with the CouchPotato add-on not picking up a change in the port the app should listen on and thus no longer launching the web interface after such a change. While fixing this I also noted a possible problem which could lead to a user being unable to remove the CouchPotato app from the ReadyNAS. And lastly CouchPotato doesn’t prevent the user from setting the port it should listen on to a reserved port in the range from 0 to 1024. In case a user would set such a low port number for CouchPotato the app would simply fail to start with the only way to fix this being a complete re-install. To be able to fix this from within Frontview you now have the possibility to edit CP’s config from within it’s add-on pane in Frontview. I also included an option to download CP’s log for easier inspection. As always updated versions should be available automatically from your account page. The updated add-ons themselves can be found here:


  1. Nick Sakellariou says:

    Thanks for the update. Will try it out! I hope your new year has started really well!

  2. theo says:

    Hi! Thanks for this great addon! Do you think you’ll update this addon somewhere in the future? The current version doesn’t allow for it to update it in the app. So I’m stuck with an older version. If not, do you know how to update your version? I can’t seem to be able to update it by overwriting it with the new files from Github.


    • I just tried and CP updated flawlessly for me. Please check your DNS settings and make sure your ReadyNAS can connect to the internet. What’s the version of the CP add-on installed on your ReadyNAS?


      • Theo says:

        The readynas is connected to the internet. I have the version from 6/7/2014 7:44 PM.

        I get this error:

        [potato.core._base.updater] Failed updating: Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “/usr/share/cpserver/couchpotato/core/_base/updater/”, line 267, in doUpdate
        destination = os.path.join(Env.get(‘cache_dir’), self.update_version.get(‘hash’)) + ‘.’ + download_data.get(‘type’)
        AttributeError: ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘get’

        Any idea what I could do to update?

        Thanks a lot!!