CouchPotato updated for R4 (Sparc & x86)

Thanks to Chris I was notified of a problem with the CouchPotato add-on not picking up a change in the port the app should listen on and thus no longer launching the web interface after such a change. While fixing this I also noted a possible problem which could lead to a user being unable to remove the CouchPotato app from the ReadyNAS. And lastly CouchPotato doesn’t prevent the user from setting the port it should listen on to a reserved port in the range from 0 to 1024. In case a user would set such a low port number for CouchPotato the app would simply fail to start with the only way to fix this being a complete re-install. To be able to fix this from within Frontview you now have the possibility to edit CP’s config from within it’s add-on pane in Frontview. I also included an option to download CP’s log for easier inspection. As always updated versions should be available automatically from your account page. The updated add-ons themselves can be found here: