Dropbox Installer 1.2.0 / 2.0.1 (R4x86)

Since the release of Dropbox daemon 2.10 by Dropbox there have been problems with starting the Dropbox daemon on ReadyNAS R4 (x86) boxes. The reason for this was that Dropbox renamed the file to be started from “dropbox” to “dropboxd” so it couldn’t be found by the add-on anymore. While testing the fix for this I found that the latest beta versions of the 2.11 series of Dropbox also had the additional requirement of the system library libc6 being present in a version above 2.8 on the ReadyNAS. Since ReadyNAS OS 4 only comes with libc6 2.7 I was confronted with a hard decision to make: Either update this core library of the OS or drop support for Dropbox >= 2.11.

The solution I came up with is to offer two versions of the add-on simultaneously:

  • Version 1.x is for Dropbox daemon <= 2.10.x
  • Version 2.x is for all currently known Dropbox daemons, even those of the 2.11.x line

If you’re happy with running Dropbox daemon 2.10 and sticking with it, then you can use the add-on version 1.x. Just install over your existing installation and everything should be fine.

If however you want to run the latest and greatest Dropbox daemon, then you’ll need to use version 2.x of the add-on and you need to keep some things in mind:

  • Version 2.x replaces some system libraries. However, those new versions will get overwritten by firmware updates and OS reinstalls. So after a firmware upgrade or an OS reinstall you’ll also need to reinstall the Dropbox add-on
  • If for some reason you need to get your old system libraries back, you will need to do an OS reinstall. This will bring back your system to it’s original state but will of course disable Dropbox if you’re running a version of 2.11 or newer

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the forums.

Here’s the link to the new versions of the Dropbox Installer add-on for ReadyNAS R4x86:


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