Finally: Dropbox for R6 (x86 only)

I know, it took me quite a while. But now I’m happy to announce the availability of the Dropbox Manager app for ReadyNAS R6x86. Sorry, no ARM version since Dropbox still doesn’t offer any ARM binaries. For R6x86 users the app offers the same features as the add-on on R4x86: There’s a global Dropbox that is linked to the ‘admin’ account and there are personal Dropboxes that can be linked to the different user accounts on the ReadyNAS. Also you can upgrade to and downgrade from newer stable and testing releases. So here’s the add-on:

Please note that after installation the Dropbox daemon can not be started from the Dashboard. Instead all management of the different Dropbox instances is done through the “Settings” link. That’s because the infrastructure provided by Netgear on the ReadyNAS doesn’t allow for starting/stopping multiple instances of any daemon.


  1. Jatin says:


    I am not able to install Dropbox on ReadyNAS 6.1.8

    Please help…..

    Error –

    dpkg: error processing dropboxmanager (–configure):
    subprocess installed post-installation script was interrupted
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    • How are you trying to install the app? From the command line? If so: don’t. Apps are expected to be uploaded through the web interface as described here:

      • Jatin says:


        Thanks for the prompt reply.

        I am using the web interface to install the application.

        After installing Dropbox add-on, I tried to install another application and got an error.
        Then I tried the dpkg command (dpkg –configure -a) on the command line and got the above mentioned error message.

        I have tried to install dropbox after a factory restore of the NAS but got the same error.

        Dropbox daemon locks the dpkg process.

        I can see the dropboxmanager kick in but then the dropbox fails to start.

        Last night I made some progress and got the dropbox to start for the admin user but could not get the link. It happens if I run the .sh script to start dropbox (script is part of the package)

        I can still not get it working for other user accounts on the NAS.

        When I try to start dropbox for other user accounts on the NAS from the dropboxmanager GUI, I can see a dropboxmanager task start then a dropbox task. But the dropbox task then dies. The new dropboxmanager task keeps running.

        I can see multiple dropboxmanager in the task list but only one dropbox task.

        Hope it makes sense.



        • Unfortunately the log excerpt you posted doesn’t show the reason why the installation failed. All I can say right now is that although all the usual tools for installing .deb packages are present, the add-on installation itself differs from standard Debian procedures. So it’s generally not a good idea to try to manually fix things. The best approach would be to check the log carefully again for preceding error messages, check the internet connectivity of the ReadyNAS and try to install again through the web interface. By running from the command line you may have also changed ownership and permission flags for some directories needed by Dropbox which in turn may prevent it from running properly.


  2. Bill Cox says:

    I’m looking for the correct dropbox app for the ReadyNAS RN31200. Please send me a link to it? I thought it would be for the ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86) but that one says AMD64 and won’t load. Any help appreciated.


    Bill Cox

    • Normally I’d say the ReadyNAS OS 6 Dropbox app should be the right one. However, I just noticed that there’s a special kernel for the RN31200 so it may be that the base OS is a bit different there. I sent an inquiry to NETGEAR but haven’t heared back yet. Since I don’t have an RN31200 to test with, that’s all I can do right now. Sorry.


      • Bill Cox says:

        worked it out – found the right .deb file and installed.


  3. Warwick Pohl says:

    I just installed the latest downloadable release on my RN314 running 6.1.9 and am unable to get past the dropbox manager gui. I have start buttons for the global and user accounts which don’t seem to do anything. The “restart all” and “start all” buttons result in error but the “stop all” button seems to work. I’ve tried a different browser and same results. I’ve tried rebooting with the same results. The install went smoothly but I can’t seem to link any dropbox accounts to my NAS for some reason.

    -There is nothing in the logs mentioning dropboxmanager

    • There are two possible reasons for your problem I know of:
      1) Your ReadyNAS doesn’t have an internet connection and thus wasn’t able to download the Dropbox binaries
      2) Your main data volume isn’t named “data”

      Does either of these apply?


      • Warwick Pohl says:

        There is definitely an internet connection and the volume is labelled “data”. It’s the default volume name. Are there any dependencies or other addons that need to be installed for this to work? It is literally a fresh NAS straight out of the box.

        • Nope, there are no other dependencies that need to be installed. Or to be more precise: all existing dependencies should get installed when installing the add-on. That said, you may want to have a look at the /var/log/readynasd/install_debpkg.log file and check whether there are some errors mentioned. And if possible I’d be interested in the output of the command “uname -a” on an ssh shell.


          • Warwick Pohl says:

            Thanks. I’ll try that when I get home (Melbourne time so 7 hours away) and post the results. I’m in no rush for this so don’t stress about finding a solution. In all honesty it’s probably an issue I created being a relative noob to Readynas.

  4. Bill Cox says:

    Have successfully used the app dropboxmanager_1.1.12_amd64.deb on a ReadyNAS 312 for 8 months, but it recently stopped syncing. I uninstalled the app and now can’t get the app to re-install (always using the web IF). I’ve tried the same version on a ReadyNAS 102 and it fails to install as well – standard failure notice: “Failed to install application xxx” with a date and time stamp. Is there an update? Should this ver still work?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. The Dropbox app won’t work on a RN102 for that uses an ARM processor and there’s no Dropbox daemon for ARM architectures available. On the RN312 I assume you did a firmware upgrade recently? If so, you might want to try DropboxManager 1.1.14 which should be available from your account page.

  6. Bill Cox says:

    Just to confirm – the “Backup to Dropbox” native to the RN102 is only a one-way copy to a Dropbox account and not a 2-way sync. Correct?

  7. As far as I know: yes. But I have to admit that I never thoroughly tested it.

  8. Bill Cox says:

    So I attempted to install 1.1.14 and it failed also. Firmware is 6.2.4. It’s a ReadyNAS 312. My ReadyNAS 102 has firmware 6.2.5, but the 312 has no response when I click on “Check for Updates” both on the System/Overview and the System/Settings pages. Should this model be using 6.2.5?

  9. No, 6.2.5 was released for RN1xx specifically. And you’re only seeing the “Failed to install …” message when trying to install the DropboxManager add-on? If you have SSH access to your ReadyNAS enabled, can you check the log file /var/log/readynasd/install_debpkg.log for any messages related to the installation attempt?

    • Bill Cox says:

      Here are the error lines at the end of the log from my latest attempt at installing Fropbox Manager 1.1.14

      “Successfully installed dependencies for /tmp/dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb
      (Reading database … 32010 files and directories currently

      Unpacking dropboxmanager (from …/dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb) …
      dpkg: error processing /tmp/dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb

      subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 4
      Errors were encountered while processing:

      (Reading database … 32010 files and directories currently installed.)
      Unpacking dropboxmanager (from

      …/dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb) …
      dpkg: error processing /tmp/dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb (–install):
      subprocess new pre-

      installation script returned error exit status 4
      Errors were encountered while processing:
      DONE(5): Tue Sep

      15 20:57:50 PDT 2015
      spooler returns spool_status=5 outbuf=(null) errbuf=(null) is_localapp=1 name=dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb


      Can you interpret this error for me?


      Bill Cox

      • Sure. It says that there was a problem executing the pre-install script. You could try running that one manually using /bin/bash /var/lib/dpkg/info/dropboxmanager.preinst and check the output.


        • Bill Cox says:


          We searched for the dropboxmanager.preinst file – didn’t fine anything, but found packages. Here is the error we got when trying to install the package.

          root@NAS-KDC:/# find . -name “dropboxmanager*”
          root@NAS-KDC:/# ./tmp
          -bash: ./tmp: Is a directory
          root@NAS-KDC:/# cd ./tmp
          root@NAS-KDC:/tmp# dir
          dropboxmanager_1.1.12_amd64.deb rnx_dbx_inst.tar.gz
          root@NAS-KDC:/tmp# dpkg -i dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb
          (Reading database … 32010 files and directories currently installed.)
          Unpacking dropboxmanager (from dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb) …
          dpkg: error processing dropboxmanager_1.1.14_amd64.deb (–install):
          subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 4
          Errors were encountered while processing:

          Thanks for any help….


          • Bill Cox says:

            Any thoughts?

          • As I said and as is verified by your manual test: There seems to be a problem when executing the pre-inst script as indicated by the message “subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 4”. To nail down the source I need more information about the error that occurs. On my test system there is a file named dropboxmanager.preinst in the /var/lib/dpkg/info directory. Could you check whether that files is now present on your system too after your try to manually install the package?

          • Bill Cox says:

            That particular file does NOT exist anywhere on my NAS system.

          • Bill Cox says:

            Sorry to see that the RNXtras forum has disappeared – you solved several problems I had experienced with ReadyNAS setups. So I thank you for the past forum engagement.
            I have another problem with ReadyNAS Remote and wonder if you are still aiding those of us who struggle with the ReadyNAS world or if you can suggest another forum that might offer help with basic ReadyNAS hiccups?
            Again, thanks for your past support.
            Bill Cox