Finally: Dropbox for R6 (x86 only)

I know, it took me quite a while. But now I’m happy to announce the availability of the Dropbox Manager app for ReadyNAS R6x86. Sorry, no ARM version since Dropbox still doesn’t offer any ARM binaries. For R6x86 users the app offers the same features as the add-on on R4x86: There’s a global Dropbox that is linked to the ‘admin’ account and there are personal Dropboxes that can be linked to the different user accounts on the ReadyNAS. Also you can upgrade to and downgrade from newer stable and testing releases. So here’s the add-on:

Please note that after installation the Dropbox daemon can not be started from the Dashboard. Instead all management of the different Dropbox instances is done through the “Settings” link. That’s because the infrastructure provided by Netgear on the ReadyNAS doesn’t allow for starting/stopping multiple instances of any daemon.