Firmware 6.10.5 – How to upgrade

Upgrading to firmware 6.10.5 doesn’t break any apps I’m aware of. However, some manual steps may be necessary. Also users of the additional kernel modules need to upgrade those since there’s a new kernel included in 6.10.5.


With firmware 6.10.5 there have been no changes to the packages included except for the Linux kernel. The kernel is now at version 4.4.218, up from 4.4.196, which requires new kernel modules for additional hardware in case you’re using any.

Before upgrading to 6.10.5 make sure that you have SSH access to your ReadyNAS enabled and test it is working by logging in to your ReadyNAS via SSH with the username “root” and the password of the web UI.

Then proceed with the upgrade to firmware 6.10.5 as you normally would by

  • downloading the update through the web UI of your ReadyNAS, then
  • reboot the system

One problem with the update is that some packages that got replaced with newer versions by some add-ons will be returned to their older state. This may be require some manual steps:

  • log in via SSH as user “root”
  • run the command apt update
  • run apt full-upgrade/li>

This should update all packages to the latest versions again.

There is one problem you may hit during the upgrade process. For reasons unknown NETGEAR decided to remove the start-up scripts for the NFS server from the ReadyNAS. This will make the upgrade process fail but can be easily fixed. Should you encounter an error with the package nfs-kernel-server just run the command touch /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server and re-run the apt full-upgrade step.

In case you encounter other problems let me know by email to