MySQL Installer (R6all)

Yep, that’s right, I built a MySQL installer for the ReadyNAS OS 6 platform. The main reason for this was that if you’re going the standard route via apt-get you’ll end up with all your data on the OS partition of your ReadyNAS and I for sure didn’t want that. Also I didn’t like the fact that the standard MySQL installation didn’t use the “one file per table” InnoDB feature that’s available for quite some time. And since I found myself messing with the MySQL installation on various ReadyNAS boxes over and over I decided it was time to make my life easier by building an app for that 😉

What it does is:

  • Install MySQL 5.5.7 (or whatever is current in Debian Jessie – sorry, no MariaDB yet)
  • Copy existing data over to the /apps location
  • Enable the “one file per table” feature for InnoDB
  • Allows to enable/disable the MySQL daemon from the “Installed Apps” window

Caveat: While the app does copy existing data to the new location it will not copy it back on uninstall. So make sure to have a backup if you ever decide to remove the app again, otherwise you’ll be stuck with the data you had when you installed it (as said: the app copies the data, it doesn’t move it). Now, if you’re still interested, here’s finally the link to the app: