NZBGet 16.3 for all ReadyNAS Platforms


While still having the Sun up and running I checked what else could be updated and found that NZBGet is at version 16.3 already. So I gave the build systems a spin and built a new version of the NZBGet add-on for all ReadyNAS product lines:


  1. Hans Åström says:

    Will it be able to use the update function from within soon?

    • What does it say when you try to use it?

      • Hans Åström says:

        Currently installed: 16.3
        Automatic updates are not configured for your platform.

        If you compiled the program yourself you know how to update. If you installed a binary package ask maintainer to add support for automatic updates. If you create a public package please read “About Packaging”.

        • Hans Åström says:

          In logs:
          WARNING Fri Nov 27 2015 23:18:36 Web-Server: 404 Not Found, Resource: /package-info.json
          DETAIL Fri Nov 27 2015 23:18:35 Downloading git branch info
          DETAIL Fri Nov 27 2015 23:18:35 Downloading git revision info
          DETAIL Fri Nov 27 2015 23:18:34 Downloading version info