ownCloud 7.0.0 (R6ARM & R6x86)

Only days after releasing the update to ownCloud 6.0.4, the release version of ownCloud 7.0.0 is now available. Since this is a new major release I decided to put this into a new ReadyNAS add-on, just in case some users want to stick with the older version and there will be bugfix releases for ownCloud 6.

The download for the OwnCloud 7 add-on can be found here:


  1. françois pellerin says:

    any idea why this freshly installed version is asking a PHP module? On your add-on page for owncloud 7, you don’t specify any prerequisites. thx!


    Readynas ultra 2
    OS6 6.1.8

  2. françois pellerin says:

    all is right!

    I had to wait 4-5 min approx…


  3. José Melo says:

    How is the performance on ReadyNAS 102?
    Thanks 🙂