OwnCloud 7.0.1 (All ReadyNAS Platforms)

I just some time to update ownCloud for all ReadyNAS platforms to version 7.0.1. You can find the downloads here:

Or download the update from your “My Account” page.


  1. Fredrik Pegelow says:

    Thank you for the great work you are doing with the ReadyNAS add-ons!
    I am currently using version 6.0.1 of ownCloud on my ReadyNAS Ultra 2 (R4x86) and discovered this update. 6.0.1 is working great but it would be nice to update to the current version.
    As I never have tried to update third party add-ons before I was wondering how one would proceed? And if I do, would I loose all of my settings?
    Thank you!

  2. Joshua Day says:

    Hi there, thanks for this. Seems like most of my ReadyNAS add-ons come from you.

    Just wanted to point out: The fact that the page for ownCloud 7.0.1 doesn’t mention the PHP prereq, while the page for ownCloud 6.0.4 does, makes it seem (to literal-minded people like me) like 7.0.1 doesn’t have that prereq. But I learned the hard way that it still does.

    NBD, I uninstalled, installed PHP, and reinstalled, no problem. But you may want to update the 7.0.1 info to clarify the prereq.

  3. sherif says:

    how can you configure the base URL for owncloud on readynas after installation?

    • You can’t for the ReadyNAS is using the same Apache server that is used to deliver ownCloud. What would you like to do, maybe I can give you some advice on how to manually configure the system to your needs.


  4. Jean-Claude says:

    Hi Stefan,

    I see that you’re now making v7.0.1 available. Unfortunately, v7.0.1 has a well documented bug that breaks the photo thumbnail preview functionality when browsing file directories that contain photos. v7.0.2 fixes this.

    Also, as an FYI for anyone stilling running v7.0.0, there is a php.ini config bug that prevents the ownCloud addon from correctly seeing any assigned user disk space allocations. This causes the non-fatal “Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore!” error message to be displayed incorrectly. This is php.ini file error is also well documented on the ownCloud forums.

    Any ETA when v7.0.2 will be available for R4x86?

    Thanks much,

  5. James Bandes says:

    This site is the best. Will you be updating Own Cloud to 7.02 and will you be updating couch potato ?


    • OwnCloud has just been updated to 7.0.2 for R4 and R5, R6 will will follow soon. CouchPotato you should be able to update from within the app itself.