PHP 5.4.45 (R4Sparc)

PHP Web Programming Language (Logo)While the trusty old Sun UltraSPARC was still running I decided that I could as well do some more updates for the ReadyNAS Sparc platform. So for a start here’s the latest PHP add-on from the 5.4 series:



  1. Robert Snowdon says:

    I have a readynas sparc and want to run php and phpmyadmin. I purchased the two add-ons for sparc and installed them using frontview. php 5.4.44 seemed to install ok, but phpmyadmin reported that “the mysqli|mysql extension is missing”. How do I overcome this problem? I have searched for a solution on the ‘net but have found nothing that works. I have tried to uninstall php 5 using the “remove” button in frontview, but this seems to do nothing at all. Similarly for trying to uninstall phpmyadmin. Whilst the cost of the 2 addons doesn’t break the bank, having nothing working is a bit unfortunate. I hope that via this comment I might be pointed in the right direction to getting a working system.

    • Try re-installing the PHP add-on and check whether this fixes the problem.

      • Robert Snowdon says:

        1. I have tried your suggestion to try and install the php addon again. The apparent installation invoked from the local addon tab in frontview ran for a long time before reporting “local file upload failed”. Some version of php was still installed, as suggested, the attempt was to install over the existing (faulty) installation. Running phpmyadmin failed again reporting the non existence of mysqli etc. So, no progress.

        I then decided to try for a clean break, removing both php5 and myphpadmin.

        2. From Frontview I navigated to the install pages for addons and clicked the Remove button for php5. This failed with the very helpful message “An Error occurred while removing the php5 addon”.

        3. However uninstalling phpmyadmin apparently worked fine. From Frontview it is clearly removed. This contrasts with the state of php5 as reported in frontview. Here the tick in the left top corner relating to php5 is shown as a faint (as opposed to bold) tick. To the right the status “light” is green.

        4. Having removed myphpadmin I tried again to install php5 addon (over whatever state of php5 myt various attempts have left me. Again (as in 1. above) this failed with the message “local file upload failed”.

        5. Just to see if any progress had been made (!) I tried to install the phpmyadmin package again. This failed “local file upload failed”.

        I have downloaded log files but am not sure which might be useful.