Printer Support + AirPrint (R6all)

For reasons unknown ReadyNAS OS 6 comes without support for USB printers which was included in earlier ReadyNAS models. With the new RNAirPrint add-on support for USB and network printers is back and it even makes those printers available to iOS devices on your network. Check it out here:


  1. Gary Tessman says:

    Can you build this out for the x86 os4.x ?

    • Actually I have already done this some years ago. However the changes needed to the base OS are quite massive and also they will get overwritten with every firmware update, leaving the user with a ReadyNAS that’s not easy to fix if he or she doesn’t know exactly what to do. So I decided to not publish that particualar add-on. But I may revisit the project if time permits.


  2. Rob Nijhof says:

    I purchased this addon recently and it works flawlessly on my ReadyNAS 102 with my Canon Pixma MG5250 WiFi printer. My girlfriend finally can print from her iPad now instead of emailing it to me first (I have a Surface RT and can print directly to the printer). The work on this, and releasing this addon is much appreciated!

  3. John Schrijver says:

    Installed it a few minutes ago on my ReadyNAS 102, for a Samsung SCX3200 network printer.
    Works like a charm!
    Good work!

    One question though: Does everything (cups and rnairprint) stay unharmed when doing Readynas firmware upgrades?

    • The packages should stay installed, at least they did when I tested this. However, this may of course change with future firmware versions since I have no influence over what they overwrite (or not) 😉

  4. frank says:

    hi! I really need this add-on but my printer is a HP laserjet 1018 and I’m sure I need something esle to make this work altogether. hp linux drivers??



    many thx for the sab add-on!

    • According to the HPLIP web page your printer is supported since HPLIP 2.7.10. The version of HPLIP that should be installed with the add-on is 3.12.6. So your printer should work almost “out of the box” with this add-on. If it doesn’t drop me a note.


      • frank says:


        had to reboot 2-3 times before and after doing this command in ssh:

        hp-plugin -i


  5. James Holstein says:

    I successfully installed rnairprint_1.0.4_all.deb to my NAS104 and printed a test page on my HP Photosmart 7760.

    However my Win7 and WinXP network computers are unable to “ADD a new printer”

    I have posted the details in the OPEN TALK forum & would really appreciate some help.

    Thanks – Jim