Resurrection V: iSCSI Target (R4Sparc)

Since it is still requested a lot, I brought this one back, too:

Please note that this is currently untested. If there are compatibility problems I will of course try to fix those. However, the developers of the iSCSI Target dropped support for older kernels as used on the Sparc based ReadyNAS systems so future updates to newer versions may be impossible.


  1. Hi whocares – thanks for this, very very much appreciated!

    However it doesn’t seem to work properly 🙁

    I have factory reset my ReadNAS NV+ twice (I’m working on re-building it as a iSCSI host, so it’s quite usable as a test box at the moment) but when I install this add-on I have 2 problems.

    1st. It locks up frontview – and when I say locks up, I mean I can still access frontview and work around the menu’s but I can’t make any changes. Or if I can make changes, hitting “Apply” doesn’t do anything. Not quite sure how it does that. Running latest version of ReadyNAS firmware btw.

    2nd. Additional steps to get the iSCSI service to start:
    NASXXX:/# /etc/init.d/rfw-iscsi-target start
    Starting iSCSI Target: ietdFATAL: Module iscsi_trgt not found.
    NASXXX:/# depmod -a
    NASXXX:/# /etc/init.d/rfw-iscsi-target start
    Starting iSCSI Target: ietdFATAL: Module iscsi_trgt not found.
    NASXXX:/# cd /lib/modules/ ls -lrt
    NASXXX:/lib/modules/ ls -lrt
    total 32
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 16384 Sep 11 2009 rfw-iscsi
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 16384 Sep 11 2009 rfw-crypto
    NASXXX:/lib/modules/ cp -rp * /lib/modules/
    NASXXX:/lib/modules/ /etc/init.d/rfw-iscsi-target start
    Starting iSCSI Target: ietd.

    Apart from that it appears to work beautifully!

    I really am very appreciative that you’ve taken the time to resurrect this add-on, it’s invaluable. I just hope this helps make it work better.

  2. John says:

    I would also like to thank whoCares for this addon! 🙂
    I extend my thanks to Mr. Glenn Crawford for posting how to get the service to start from the first comment as well as a question:

    – I have two ReadyNAS NV+ (Sparc) running (lates) RAIDiator 4.1.13 (one production, one test).
    — I did factory defaulted my test box with latest firmware
    – each of my NV+ units has been upgraded to 1GB RAM (from old 256MB)

    Q1: Were you able to get your FrontView access back (i.e. Apply buttons lighting up)?
    Q2: Do you have to put the iSCSI service into cron or whatnot to get it to start upon reboot of the NAS?

    Any clarification would be helpful and appreciated!

  3. André Vorster says:

    Need help please…

    I have a Netgear ReadyNas Duo (Sparc) i think..??
    Radiator 4.1.13 installed. 256 Ram with 2 x 1TB hdd’s

    I am trying to add this – iSCSItarget_1.4.21.1-readynas-1.0.1 addon but keeps on failing with error – Invalid image.

    Any advice..??

    Thank you in advance…

    • Can you please try to download the add-on again? Either your file got damaged while downloading or the OS partition of your ReadyNAS has run out of space.


      • André Vorster says:

        Hi Stefan,

        Thanks for the reply. I got iScsi add-on loaded now.

        Where must I configure the iScsi target. I cant seem to find it…?

        Thank you,

        • Configuration is done on the command line of the ReadyNAS, no GUI for now. The file is either /etc/ietd.conf or /etc/ietd/ietd.conf. Can’t look it up right now for I’m on the road again …


          • André Vorster says:

            Hi Stefan,

            I am unable to ssh to the readynas.

            I did the following: ToggleSSH_1.0

            ssh connection refused.

            Any advice..?

  4. aran says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I’ve used your iSCSI guide on my sparc Duo in the past with great success but I’m for some reason having difficulty with it now.
    Thanks for your posts and replies with this great additioin.

    On a freshly Factory Reset Duo… I’ve tried your tar.gz download method here…
    When I start the service on the last step, I get…
    FATAL: Module iscsi_trgt not found.
    netlink fd: Connection refused

    Also tried installing the v4.21 add-on… did not work…
    Then tried the copy of kernel folder contents from /lib/modules/ to …v.8ReadyNAS/kernel
    Still nothing… the Add-on service (rfw-iscsi-target) will start and there is a 3260 port listening when I run netstat -a
    But I still cannot connect with my windows iscsi initiator.

    Am I missing something obvious?