SABnzbd 0.7.17 (all ReadyNAS Platforms)

SABnzbd 0.7.17 finally has been released. The list of changes is quite long this time:

  • Implement “retry-after” header to support rate-limiting
  • Support UNC paths in Sort expressions (Windows)
  • URL in the queue should not show up “sanitized”
  • Fix shutdown issue in PP queue
  • Allow “Force” to be set as priority in files overview
  • Special option “warn_dupl_jobs” to suppress/enable warnings for duplicate jobs
  • Fix problem with “sanitize” in “renamer”
  • Add (partial) RAR5 support
  • Fix some more password-in-filename issues
  • Prevent unwanted change of queue order after editing job details
  • Add password entry boxes in smpl and Classic skins
  • Prevent unrar zombies on some systems
  • Fix bug in rating system
  • Fix multiple encryption password issues
  • Allow Default category to be picked in Multi-Ops
  • Allow “force” prio to be picked in NZO page
  • Prevent PP queue timeout construction from keeping the CPU awake.
  • Special option “flat_unpack”
  • Add command line option –pidfile
  • Another fix for false encryption reports
  • Add support for ‘x-dnzb-propername’, ‘x-dnzb-episodename’, ‘x-dnzb-year’ in meta-data of NZB. To be used in TV Sorting
  • Add OZnzb features need to be enabled in config ->switches
  • Add integration with OZnzb indexer enhanced functionality, allows user access to ratings and reporting directly from SABnzbd interface.
  • Add automatic feedback to OZnzb on failed downloads (if enabled)
  • Add X-DNZB-Failure and X-DNZB-Details support
  • Fix issue with passwords embedded in file names
  • Updated translations

The updated add-on packages can be found here: