SABnzbd 0.7.20 Update (R4x86/R4Sparc/R5ARM)


Yeah, I know, there’s an 1.0.0RC already. Nevertheless, I’m releasing an update for SABnzbd 0.7.20 since the 1.0.0RC isn’t really tested and there’s a lot of 0.7.20 users out there. So this release should fix any SSL problems you may have encountered in the past and should ease the wait for 1.0.0 😉

Yes, I’m aware that the numbering is off, must have missed an update on R4Sparc/R5ARM, sorry for that. As a complimentary addition, UnRAR 5.3.11 is included with this release on all updated platforms.


  1. ernie says:

    1.0.0 has been released 🙂

  2. Mark Wiggins says:

    I have downloaded the update & installed but every time I try and start the addon it displays failed to start…
    Any ideas how to get this working?

    • What ReadyNAS model?

      • Mark Wiggins says:

        ReadyNAS Ultra 2, I downloaded the x86 version and have python installed as well

        • Can you check the SABnzbd log file using SSH access to your ReadyNAS? Just tried on two different systems using plain install and upgrade and both are working fine.

          • Mark Wiggins says:

            Certainly, Where does it get logged to?

          • /c/.sabnzbd/logs should be the place to look.

          • Mark Wiggins says:

            No log file, I just have directories email & downloads then an empty sabnzbd.conf file

          • Hmm. The config file of course shouldn’t be empty but since it is, would you mind removing/renaming it and re-installing the SABnzbd app?

          • Mark Wiggins says:

            Tried removing the file, removing the add on (and choosing to clear config and data), then re-uploaded and reinstalled and still no joy.
            Checked the directory and see…
            /c/.sabnzbd# ls
            downloads Downloads email

          • Could you please run dpkg -l | grep -v "^ii" on the ssh shell and post the output (if any).

          • Mark Wiggins says:

            ~# dpkg -l | grep -v “^ii”
            | Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
            |/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
            ||/ Name Version Description
            rc owncloud 9.0.0-rnx2 ownCloud Server – Private file sync and shar

          • Very strange. Ok, let’s try the big hammer: dpkg -l | grep sabnzbd | xargs dpkg --purge, then re-install the app and then try starting it from the command line using /etc/init.d/sabnzbdplus start. You can of course try the last command first as well but I suspect it won’t do anything useful since there’s no config file present. Which reminds me: did the fresh install create another empty config?

          • Mark Wiggins says:

            Interesting, did not fix the issue but got a better error message…/etc/init.d/sabnzbdplus start
            Starting SABnzbd+ binary newsgrabber:Sorry, requires Python module sqlite3
            Try: apt-get install python-pysqlite2

            So looks like I need to install python-pysqlite2 somehow…

          • Did you upgrade your Python installation to the latest version? Or to be more precise: what version of the Python add-on are you running?

          • Mark Wiggins says:

            Using Python2.7_2.7.10-x86-5 addon

          • Mark Wiggins says:

            Success, I removed both the python add on and Sab, and reinstalled both and now Sab had started 🙂
            Thank you for all the help!