SABnzbd 1.0.0 (ReadyNAS OS 6)


Quite a number of users have reminded me that SABnzbd 1.0.0 has been released. I know, but the versions for ReadyNAS OS 4 and 5 are still giving me problems. But at least the versions for ReadyNAS OS 6 are ready, so here they are:

Of course I’ll continue working on versions for the older ReadyNAS OS systems. They’ll be published when they are ready.


  1. Cool, in waiting for the x86 Readynas 6000 version. Keep up the good work!

  2. Warwick Pohl says:

    I was just curious as to why this has been added as a separate purchase rather than an update to the previous version.

  3. Why is there no more bundle with CP,SB and SABnzbD?
    Where can i find the latest version of Sickbeard?

  4. Does sickrage auto update and Does it work welk, heard about different forks and split up of teams etc…

  5. john mansell says:

    Anywhere with the RN4 & RN 5 versions

  6. Nasser Bou says:

    Excuse me but sabnzbd 0.7 or 1.0 is still sabnzbd, so why did you separete them?
    When I bought sabnzbd it was with upgrade, this is an upgrade.

    We are close for steeling people…last time I buy something from you, very very bad commercial thing…

    • How did your line of argumentation work the last time you tried to upgrade your car to the latest model for free since it was just the 2016 model of the same thing you bought 5 years ago? When you bought the SABnzbd add-on it was for the 0.7.x line which was clearly stated in the add-ons description. Now, if the 1.0.0 line would have been a simple drop-in type update, I’d have made it available as a free update. Unfortunately it required a lot more work and that’s why I decided to not make it a free upgrade for I put a lot of time into that add-on. You may feel like you’ve been ripped off but I think you’re under a completely wrong impression. The add-ons aren’t a major source of income for me, I couldn’t even pay my rent from the “income” they generate. They’re all done in my spare time and contrary to maybe the Apple or Android app store there’s not millions of users that could possibly make me rich by buying thousands or even hundreds of thousands add-ons. If I wanted this to be commercial, I’d have to charge not 2.99 € but 299.00 € instead. Ok, maybe I’d only sell one add-on per month then but that would be more than what I’m “earning” now. So, yes, you’re right, this is a very very bad commercial thing. Actually, any real business manager would have shut it down long ago for just the time it took me to answer your post already burned the 2.99€ the “business” made from your purchase.
      As for the steeling(sic!) part: you have neither been forced to nor been tricked into buying the add-on. I didn’t finger your wallet and I didn’t trick you into buying anything. If all you wanted was to get SABnzbd for free you could have just downloaded the source code and installed it on your own. Maybe by doing so you’d have realized how much work that is. And then try to make a real add-on out of it.

      • Nasser Bou says:

        You have your opinion I have mine and I’m a c# developer for over 10 years now so I know what I’m talking about. Last time for me…

        • In case you didn’t get it from my previous post: that’s totally fine with me. I just wanted to explain my side but I of course accept that you may have a different view.