SABnzbd 2.3.1 (ReadyNAS OS 6 All Platforms & RAIDiator 5 ARM & RAIDitator 4 x86)

Another update to SABnzbd. Version 2.3.1 is out for ReadyNAS OS 6 on the x86 and ARM platforms and for RAIDiator 4 on x86 as well as for RAIDiator 5 on ReadyNAS ARM. Still, sorry for all those still on RAIDitator 4 on Sparc – the UltraSparc III is up and running again but I didn’t have time to rebuild the build environment fully.
So, here are the addons:


  1. I installed the update today and after it was finished and the ReadyNAS admin page refreshed, the add-on completely disappeared. The config folders were still present (I checked by logging in with FileZilla).
    What could’ve gone wrong here?

    – Rob

    • I tried reinstalling the add-on with the same version. Still nothing. Tried installing the previous version, also no luck. SABnzbd had disappeared from my NAS. Can you please help getting it back up again?

      – Rob

    • Roel Vliegen says:

      Rob, I seem to have the same problem with the 2.3.1 version. Previous version was completely removed. Noticed a rnx1 in the filename different from previous rnxtras releases (rnx3). Maybe not for the right OS or architecture? I am on 6.6.1 x86. Cannot upgrade right now because I’m in a restore from corrupt OS. After data move I will upgrade to see if 6.9.0 makes any difference.

      • The “rnx1” just means that this was the first build of the 2.3.1 app. Since SABnzbd isn’t dependent on a specific processor architecture it should run on any ReadyNAS with ReadyNAS OS 6. That said there is a possibility that 6.6.1 actually is too old to run it. What version did you have installed before updating to 2.3.1? And what ReadyNAS model do you own?

        • Roel Vliegen says:

          I was running 2.0.1 before. On a Readynas Ultra 2 which is officially not supported on OS6 but did the job upgrading to 6.6.1.

          • Should work fine there, that’s what I’m testing on – although using ReadyNAS 6.9.0. NTGR is releasing updates so fast that I simply can’t test on all versions out there and so I settled for latest available.

          • I just uploaded a new version that fixes problems when installing on systems with more than one data volume. Could you please download the latest version from the “My Account” page and let me know whether this works for you?

  2. Stefan totally fixed it with the latest version. He made sure the add-on now installs on the correct data volume, so everything works again like a charm 🙂