SANE Backends are back – and they got updated, too

While I was in the process of adding the SANE Backends add-ons for ReadyNAS OS 4 (Sparc & x86) back to the site I realized that there was a recent update to the package. Version 1.0.24 added support for 51 new scanners so I decided to build a new version of the add-on. I didn’t check whether all of those were USB or network scanners, though. Anyway, the SANE Backends add-on can be found here:

ReadyNAS OS 4 (x86):

ReadyNAS OS 4 (Sparc):



  1. Mike Carter says:

    Great to see this back on the new rnxtras site. I bought it via the old site so I don’t have access to the download under my ‘account’ page like i do for more recent purchases.

    Are you able to add it on to the account retrospectively?

    • Please drop me an email at info[at]readynasxtras[dot]com with the details of the original purchase and I’ll see what I can do.

  2. fastfwd says:

    Stefan, SANE-Backends 1.0.25 was (finally) released last month. See .

    Will this addon be updated?