Dropbox Manager 1.1.8 (R6x86)

I’m happy to announce a new release of Dropbox Manager for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86). This version includes a fix for the changed web interface configuration introduced with ReadyNAS OS 6.2.0 that prevented older versions of Dropbox Manager to display it’s user interface and in some cases even caused the web interface of the ReadyNAS to become unaccessible.

This version also fixes a problem introduced with Dropbox for Linx 3.x which resulted in the Dropbox API no longer returning the proper URL to link new instances to Dropbox accounts. This is now resolved by using a different method to detect the URL after starting a new Dropbox instance.

Please note that Dropbox Manager will still not work on ReadyNAS OS 6.2.0. You’ll need to either stick with 6.1.9 or use 6.2.1 and newer.


  1. Warwick Pohl says:

    It seems as if the issue is still around. I am running 6.2.1 and just upgraded to this version of Dropbox Manager and currently I have no web ui for my Readynas.

  2. If you have SSH access to your ReadyNAS I’d be interested in the contents of the /apps/dropboxmanager/https.conf file. Actually, this version of Dropbox Manager shouldn’t be able to interfere with the ReadyNAS web UI since I’ve been working with NETGEAR to resolve the issue and this was tested before releasing the version.
    If you could provide a log excerpt from /var/log/frontview/error.log (from the end of that file) that would be great.


    • Warwick Pohl says:

      Can I just email those files directly?

      • Sure. Just use the email address the download links were sent from.

        • Warwick Pohl says:

          I don’t know which email address you mean so I just uploaded them to my Drive. You should be able to download them.


          • No problem. Log and config file look fine. However I noticed that the error.log ends on December 13th so your web UI seems to have stopped working 10 days ago. Can you try running the command “systemctl start apache2” on the command line and if that fails check the error.log again and also run “systemctl status apache2” and send the output of the command as well.

          • Warwick Pohl says:

            The first command failed. The error.log is exactly the same. I created a screenshot and added it to that Drive folder I shared.

          • Looks perfectly ok to me. Can you try restarting your ReadyNAS?

          • Warwick Pohl says:

            I’ve done that three times but maybe the fourth is the charm. Ha. I might even unplug it for a few minutes too.

          • Well, as a last resort I can offer to have a look directly using TeamViewer (www.teamviewer.com)

          • Warwick Pohl says:

            Well that didn’t work so if you would like to have a look I’d appreciate that. I already have Teamviewer installed.

      • If you could send me the login credentials to info at readynasxtras dot com I’ll have a look.