DropboxManager 1.1.5 (R6x86)

As some users of the DropboxManager app noted, the app suddenly stopped working either on recent fresh installs or when upgrading the Dropbox daemon to versions > 2.10. The reason was that Dropbox changed the name of the daemon file from “dropbox” to “dropboxd”, thus DropboxManager couldn’t find the file to run anymore. This is fixed in this release.

While testing the new version I also tested the 2.11 beta release of Dropbox and found that this version requires an additional library to be installed on the ReadyNAS. This library has been added to the list of items getting installed along with the DropboxManager app. So it is now also safe to upgrade to 2.11 beta versions of Dropbox – at least when it comes to running the Dropbox daemon, no guarantees about how it behaves 😉

So here’s the updated DropboxManager add-on for ReadyNAS OS6 (x86):


  1. Chris Martin says:

    My Dropbox Installer on R4 stopped working when it got upgraded to Dropbox 2.10
    Is there a way to force ReadyNAS to install a lower version for Dropbox?

  2. gibsonxxi says:

    Are you going to be posting a version for R4x86 devices WhoCares? Currently my Dropbox installs on both NAS (Pro, Ultra) are non-functioning due to this issue.

  3. Mark Finney says:


    Same issue as Daniel for R4x86 – I only bought this at the the end of last month and it has never worked for me. Can you provide fix or refund if you are no longer supporting on R4?