NZBGet 16.4 (all ReadyNAS Platforms)


I just discovered that NZBGet 16.4 has been available for a while but didn’t make it on my todo list. Since I had the old UltraSparc up and running anyway I decided to have a full run and build an updated add-on for all ReadyNAS platforms:


  1. john mansell says:

    Not working…

    RN ARM OS5

    Service starts, green light greyed out in addon.. unable to access WEB GUI for NZBGET

  2. James Townsend says:

    Just bought this for a ReadyNAS 314 (x86 chip with OS 6 installed (6.4.2)) – tried installing but get an error message saying cannot install application.
    Tried going to the support forum, enter my email address and get an error there saying “Unknown error: invite_limit_reached”

    Please help – or at least have an option of how to contact you about this

    • Sorry for the problem with the Slack channel, I’ll look into it. You always have the option of sending an email to the address the mail with the download links was sent from.