OwnCloud 7.0.3 (R6all)

I know a lot of people have been waiting for me to update ownCloud on ReadyNAS OS 6. Well, all I can say is sorry, I was held up by other things. To make up for that, here’s not only an update to version 7.0.3. In addition there’s a new feature in this add-on: It will create a new share named “RNXconfig” through which you’ll get direct access to ownCloud’s config. And not only that. In the “RNXconfig/owncloud” directory there’s also an “apps” subdirectory to which you can now install ownCloud add-ons.

For this to work properly, please make sure that the “RNXconfig” share is configured in such a way that all files and directories belong to the user “admin”. You can set this from the share’s “Settings” panel in Dashboard. Sorry for the manual work there but there’s currently no way I can set those options on installation. Going forward, the RNXconfig share will become the central access point for all configs and possibly other stuff of my add-ons. Hope you’ll like it.

And finally here’s the link to the new ownCloud add-on:


  1. James Bandes says:

    will this work on R4 X86

  2. Jay Sams says:

    What should I do if the RNXconfig share isn’t created after the installation?

    • This normally means that something went wrong with the installation. There’s a bug in ReadyNAS OS 6 (going to be fixes in 6.2.1 I’m told) that prevents the installer from properly detecting problems on app installs and thus labelling all install as “successful”. If you have SSH access to your ReadyNAS, I’d be interested in the output from the command ‘dpkg -l | grep -v “^ii”‘. If you could also provide some logs from the “Download Logs” function, that would be greatly appreciated.