OwnCloud 8.2.1 (All ReadyNAS Platforms)


Time flies. And so does the development of ownCloud which is now available in version 8.2.1. Realizing that I already missed the release of 8.2.0 I’m happy to not have completely missed 8.2.1:

  • OwnCloud 8.2.1 (ReadyNAS OS 6 – x86)
  • OwnCloud 8.2.1 (ReadyNAS OS 6 – ARM)
  • OwnCloud 8.2.1 (ReadyNAS OS 5 – ARM)
  • OwnCloud 8.2.1 (ReadyNAS OS 4 – x86)
  • OwnCloud 8.2.1 (ReadyNAS OS 4 – Sparc)


  1. Benjamin says:

    Hello, I have installed actual version 8.2.1 on my ReadyNAS Ultra 4 running with Radiator 4.2.25. I installed PHP 5.4 first. But if I open https://ip/owncloud, i can see nothing. Just a blanc site. I tried wit IE8, Firefox, Safari on iPad and Chrome on Android. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks and best regards, Benjamin

    • Please re-install the PHP add-on, then try again. Do not remove the PHP add-on, just install it again.

  2. Rainer van Gemmeren says:

    I went into my shopping cart and saw only Owncloud 8.2.1 not the previous versions. When trying to download it I got the message: ‘Sorry but you have hit your download limit for this file.’ Why cant’t I see my previous downloads or why is the ‘new’ file not downloadable?
    Thaks for further information

    • This is a limitation of the software in use here. It will always show only the latest version of the download. I fixed the download limit for your account.

  3. Hi is this version a server version that can be customised to have your logo etc
    Its arm version i need netgear nas rn10400. being sure before i purchase that i can edit logon screen etc

    • I honestly don’t know. It is built from the Community Edition and as such should contain all the features found there. But I haven’t had the need to do any customization yet so I didn’t try.

  4. Antonio says:

    I purchased the owncloud 8.2.1-r5arm.bin and I downloaded it.
    After installation, on readynas v2 control panel seems to be v8.2.1-x86-1 version.
    I’m not able to open the config.php and the webpage doesn’tfuntion.

    • The version number is most likely my mistake. OwnCloud not starting generally points to a problem with the PHP add-on so please re-install that and try again.