OwnCloud 8 (all ReadyNAS platforms)

owncloud-logo_scaledThat’s a first: The OwnCloud 8 add-on is released for all ReadyNAS platforms on the same day with the original. So if you’re into running the “latest and greatest”, here are the download links for you:

Please note that this is a major release so there’s no update available for OwnCloud 7 users from the “My Account” page. But if you use the code OWNCLOUD7UP on the checkout page there may be a discount in for you, who knows.


  1. works perfect. Thank you!
    by the way: the rnxconfig is share is empty – correct?

    • Where did you check the RNXconfig share: on the ReadyNAS or by attaching to it from a client computer? The share will always look empty when checked from the ReadyNAS web interface.

  2. Louis-Alexandre Lord says:

    I just installed the latest OwnCloud addon (v8.1.0-x86-1) on my readynas Ultra2 (OS4) as well as the required PHP addon (v5.4.39-x86-1) but when I click on the Access your OwnCloud button from FrontView it takes me to a file not found page. Is there anything I should do? Thank you.

    • Most likely the PHP add-on didn’t install correctly. Please try to install the PHP add-on again over the existing installation and check whether this fixes the problem with ownCloud.