OwnCloud 9 Update for ReadyNAS 4 and 5 platforms


As some already noted ownCloud 9.0.0 would complain about failing integrity checks on ReadyNAS 4 (x86 and Sparc) and ReadyNAS 5 platforms. This was due to a leftover fragment in my installer for the ownCloud 8 releases. This has been removed and the package has been fixed accordingly. So this error should be gone with this update:

The versions for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 and ARM) weren’t affected by this problem, so no updates there.

Some additional notes: OwnCloud is doing some really fancy things with the web servers .htaccess control file. Given the fact that the Apache version on ReadyNAS OS 4 is quite dated some of those tricks don’t work as expected which in turn prevents the totally pretty URLs from working on these platforms. Also, some requirements as to the underlying libraries of the operating system have been silently updated which led to some more problems on Sparc based ReadyNAS systems. To address those I had to built a new PHP add-on for Sparc which will be available shortly.


  1. Chris O says:

    Thanks for the update, the WebDav issue has been resolved however the file integrity check is failing again

  2. Chris O says:

    also the package I installed was 9.0.0-sparc-3

    • Did you run a rescan? Because once detected the integrity violation message won’t go away automatically.

      • Chris says:

        yeah it scanned after the initial installation, rescanned after and it’s gone.

        Also one more question, is it possible to get ‘mod_xsendfile’ for Apache to serve static files with Owncloud?


  3. Chris O says:

    Where is the cron.php file after the OC installation?

    Looked under /c/.owncloud and sub-dir, not there…

  4. Bert says:

    I purchased and installed this item a little while back and also got integrity warnings.
    Assuming the download here has this fixed, do I really need to purchase it again?

    • No. Who said you’d have to?

      • Bert says:

        Nobody, I just didn’t think to log in and repeat the download, sorry. Works fine now.

        By the way, my favorite app on the readynas. Keep up the good work!