PHP 5.4.37 (ReadyNAS OS 4 Sparc)

Yes, finally. After overlooking the fact the OwnCloud 8 requires PHP 5.4+ which wasn’t available for Sparc based ReadyNAS systems I put a lot of effort into providing PHP 5.4 for the platform as well. As I found out the PHP project has backported a lot of stuff and because of that I was able to build a version of PHP 5.4.37 for ReadyNAS OS4 Sparc. The only drawback: the SNMP module requires a version of SNMP that is not available on the ReadyNAS Sparc platform. As a result the php5-snmp module is missing from the add-on. I’ll see whether I can make it available again but wanted to provide a version of the PHP add-on that can be used together with OwnCloud 8 as soon as possible. So here it is: