PHPMyAdmin 4.7.5 (ReadyNAS OS 6 ARM & x86)

Yes, I know there’s already a PHPMyAdmin app available from the ReadyNAS apps site or directly through the “Available Apps” page on the ReadyNAS. However, that app hasn’t been updated in ages and is stuck at version 4.0.4 of PHPMyAdmin. Since I needed something more recent I decided to build a new app from the latest stable version of PHPMyAdmin available. What I didn’t expect was that the setup routine included with PHPMyAdmin has changed and is no longer usable for changing/adopting existing configs. So I had to come up with a new system which works like this:

  • If you have a local MySQL instance running on your NAS and didn’t change the default password there’s nothing you need to do. The app comes preconfigured for those setups.
  • If you changed the root password for the local MySQL instance then after installing the app you need to connect the new share RNXconfig on your ReadyNAS. Inside the share navigate to the folder phpmyadmin/conf.d and load the file 00-localhost.php into your favourite editor. Change the setting of the variable $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] to the password you’ve set for the MySQL root user. Save the file and you’re done.
  • If you want to access other MySQL instances from the PHPMyAdmin app also connect to the share RNXconfig on your ReadyNAS. Navigate to phpmyadmin/conf.d and copy the file 00-localhost.php to a new file, say 01-example.php. Make sure to use the .php extension! Load the newly created file into an editor of your choice and change the parameters as necessary. Keep the $i++ at the end! Save and enjoy the new selection menu in your PHPMyAdmin login screen.
  • Of course if you only want to access remote servers without using a locally installed MySQL server you can delete the 00-localhost.php file once you created configs for the remote servers. Be aware that it will get recreated on a new install though!

Now after that rather lengthy blurb, here’s the app: