SABnzbd 1.1.0 (all ReadyNAS platforms)


Another update I forgot to mention due too much work: SABnzbd has been released in version 1.1.0 and the corresponding add-ons for your ReadyNAS can be found here:


  1. Edward Niedziejko says:

    I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error when I try to launch SABnzbd 1.1.0 ReadyNas OS 6 – ARM, and my email alert from my ReadyNas states “Cannot install application sabnzbd_1.1.0-rnx1_all.deb”

    • Edward Niedziejko says:

      Further troubleshooting: Uninstalled SABnzbd, rebooted readynas, reinstalled 1.1.1, now getting the following message: “Application failed to initialize. Empty resource error. Bad NML call. Code: 22002010000” On ReadyNas ARM 6.5.1

      • No other apps installed on that NAS?

      • I think I found the problem. I uploaded a new version. Please get it from your “My Account” page and try again.

        • Edward Niedziejko says:

          Strange behaviours. I install 1.1.0 successfully, turn it on successfully, got it to load once, then it reverted back to 0.7.3. I reinstalled 1.1.0, got a message it installed successfully, then a second message stating cannot install application sabznbd_1.1.0-rnx2_all.deb, and again reverted to 0.7.3. The version I was running previous to 1.1.0 was 1.0.1, so no idea why 0.7.3 is popping up.

          I’m also running MySQL for Kodi database, Sickrage (yours) and Python on my ReadyNas, since you asked about other apps.

  2. Pål Kristiansen says:

    SABnzbd 1.1.0 (ReadyNAS OS 6 – x86)
    ⋅ No UNRAR program found, unpacking RAR files is not possible

    I have unrar installed!

    SSH# apt search unrar
    Sorting… Done
    Full Text Search… Done
    unrar/now 1:5.3.2-1 amd64 [installed,local]
    Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)

    unrar-free/oldstable 1:0.0.1+cvs20071127-2 amd64
    Unarchiver for .rar files

    • Did you check whether unrar is actually where SABnzbd expects it? (It’s a config setting in SABnzbd)

      • Pål Kristiansen says:

        I try to find a config setting for it, but can’t find it anywhere!

        • Ah, sorry, then I confused SABnzbd with another tool (being at work at that time I couldn’t check). I now believe that your problems come from an outdated version of unrar on your system. The SABnzbd add-on ships with version 5.31, however this only gets activated only if there is no other unrar present on the system so to not break/overwrite a possibly newer version. To check, just rename the version you have, e.g. by doing “mv /usr/bin/unrar /usr/bin/” and install the SABnzbd add-on again. This should then activate the version of unrar shipping with the SABnzbd add-on.

  3. Gregory Hoyle says:

    I’m getting the same thing about unrar not found, but I don’t have any unrar installed, not even by the sabnzbd package, it seems:

    root@RN104-2:/data/Downloads# dpkg –list unrar
    dpkg-query: no packages found matching unrar

    • Gregory Hoyle says:

      Answering my own issue.

      Turns out it was permissions on the unrar file that gets installed in to the sabnzbd folder. I’m not sure what permissions would be needed, but I set it to 777 from 644 and set the owner to admin instead of root.

      Sab is now happy that it can find unrar.

  4. Michael says:

    I installed 1.1.0 but i can’t find the /apps directory in the RN104. Is it share that is not shown?
    Ie when the video is download i cat find the /complete directory. Its says its at /apps/sabnvbd/download/complete but I can’t see that directory (/apps).

    • You need to adjust the path names to reflect the share layout of your ReadyNAS. So if you want SABnzbd to save your files in the “Videos” share, you most likely have to enter “/data/Videos” as the path name – assuming that “data” is the name of your main storage volume on the ReadyNAS.

  5. Michael says:

    Thanks. Will try that. Was strange it defaults to a hidden directory that you cant see.
    One other issue: I installed this release but when it installed it gave the message ” Cannot install Application sannzbd_1.1.0-rnx3_all.deb” yet the app is there ok and works.


    • SABnzbd defaults to the location where it is installed as the base directory for everything else. Since the configuration file has changed a lot over past releases I at some point gave up trying to fix those locations on install, even more so since most users tend to use their own directory layout anyway. As for the installation error: if you’d be able to provide the log file located in /var/log/readynasd/install_debpkg.log on your ReadyNAS, that’d be highly appreciated.

  6. Michael says:

    There is no files or directory created for those logs. I checked. I’m using a Mac and found the log directory but nothing for readynasd.

  7. Michael says:

    One last question – RN104 seems slow to verify and Repair cf using SABNzbd on my imac itself.. only reason i changed to using it on NAS was the storage is all on the NAS compared to copying from my iMAC HDD to my NAS later as i didnt see a setting t copy onto NAS direct on download. Perhaps cPU is not so powerful cf the iMac.

    • Well, considering that the RN104 runs are rather low end ARM CPU and hasn’t got any numerical co-processing enabled it is no wonder that compute-heavy operations will take longer than on your Mac. Would be a different story on RN2xx (higher powered ARM with number cruncher active) or even RN3-5xx (Intel CPUs). Although even those would most likely be slower than your Mac.

  8. Jay Sams says:

    I’ve tried to install all 3 versions as they came out but it always fails for me. It will either revert to 0.7.13-0rnx1 or when I try to launch it will give a “Bad NML Call”. It always says fail when it installs. I can install 1.0.1 (latest version I saved) without issue and had 1.0.3 installed before I tried 1.1.

    From what I can see with SSH it removes the directory links in /apps/sabnzbd/config, i.e. Downloads link pointed to /data/sabnzbd/Downloads, and creates a new Downloads directory. Then it creates 2 directory links in Downloads but one of them is not valid for my system (media/sabnzbd/Downloads – it is missing the initial /, plus I don’t have a media volume) and a link for data to /data.

    I think I got it to stay (sometimes it will work for 10 minutes then remove itself from the the ReadyNAS admin Apps section). I removed the new directories and recreated the original links and validate the folder configuration is correct in sabnzbd folder settings.

    From the install_debpkg.log:
    Unpacking sabnzbd (from …/tmp/sabnzbd_1.1.0-rnx3_all.deb) …
    Setting up sabnzbd (1.1.0-rnx3) …
    START(/tmp/sabnzbd_1.0.1-rnx1_all.deb): Fri Sep 23 19:27:37 MDT 2016
    ln: target `/apps/sabnzbd/config/Downloads’ is not a directory
    dpkg: error processing sabnzbd (–install):
    subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    spooler returns spool_status=2 outbuf=(null) errbuf=(null) is_localapp=1 name=sabnzbd_1.1.0-rnx3_all.deb pkgname=sabnzbd

    • Jay Sams says:

      Twice now it has reverted back to the original issue (like it is checking the configuration and “fixing” it). So I’m going to leave it and hard code the configuration in sabnzbd to the path I want it to download to. Issue is I download the media and sabnzbd says completed but doesn’t show in expected directory. So I SSH in and find it under /apps/sabnzbd/config/Downloads (which is set as directory in 1.1 install, fixed to act like it did before as a directory link to where I want the downloads stored, and reverts back to a directory some how).