Syncthing 0.10.30 / 0.11.0-beta2 (R6all/R5ARM/R4x86)

syncthingRecently I was made aware of a very interesting tool to sync your data across different platforms and devices: Syncthing.

Of course this also is a great addition to the ReadyNAS and thus here are the add-ons for the different ReadyNAS platforms:

If you’re of the more adventurous type, the download also includes packages for the 0.11.0-beta2 version. Please note that due to changes in the underlying sync protocol 0.11.0 is incompatible with versions 0.10.x. Also on ReadyNAS platforms with lower CPU resources (ARM) the first startup may take some minutes, so please be patient after the first start of the app.


  1. fastfwd says:

    Hi, Stefan.

    For OS4, it might be a good idea to locate the default Syncthing folder somewhere other than the user’s home directory… Or if that’s impossible, maybe display a note recommending that the user move the default folder.

    The reason, of course, is that OS4’s root partition, where the home directories reside, can hold only 4GB. If that partition fills up, not only will Syncthing crash, but the NAS itself might start to behave erratically.

    • I totally overlooked that comment, sorry. No, even on OS4 the default home directories are located under /c/home/<account name> and thus can’t accidentally fill up the OS partition for /c is the data partition.