Syncthing 0.11.19 (R4x86, R5Arm, R6Arm, R6x86)


Although strictly not necessary since the Syncthing add-on is able to self-update, I built new versions of Syncthing 0.11.9 for all supported ReadyNAS platforms. “Supported” in this case means that there’ll never be a Sparc version for the oldest ReadyNAS family since Syncthing is written in “Go” and there simply is no compiler for that language available on Sparc. Users on the ReadyNAS OS 6 platform (ARM and x86) may however be happy to learn that with the new add-on they’ll not only get a new version of Syncthing but they’ll also get a fix for Syncthing not properly restarting after an auto-update. So if you’re on RNOS6 it might be a good idea to upgrade to the latest version of the add-on, even if Syncthing already is updated to 0.11.19 on your ReadyNAS. Enough said, here are the links to the latest versions of the Syncthing add-on for ReadyNAS: