Syncthing 0.12.4 (all ReadyNAS platforms except Sparc)


Ok, and another update: Syncthing is availabe as an add-on for most ReadyNAS platforms in version 0.12.4. Please note that versions 0.12.x aren’t compatible with versions 0.11.x so you need to update all your installations to make best use of the add-on.

  • Syncthing 0.12.4 (ReadyNAS OS 6 – x86)
  • Syncthing 0.12.4 (ReadyNAS OS 6- ARM)
  • Syncthing 0.12.4 (ReadyNAS OS 5 – ARM)
  • Syncthing 0.12.4 (ReadyNAS OS 4 – x86)

As before there’s no Syncthing add-on available for the ReadyNAS OS 4 Sparc platform due to the lack of a working compiler on that platform.


  1. fastfwd says:

    Stefan, the syncthing configuration file in /etc/logrotate.d includes the line “dailycompress”. Is that meant to be “delaycompress”?

  2. fastfwd says:

    I found something more major: On a ReadyNAS Pro 6 running OS 4.2.28, running /etc/cron.daily/logtruncate kills syncthing.

    Commenting out these two lines in the script fixes that problem (at the cost of never truncating access.log and error.log, of course):

    “/var/log/frontview/access.log” => “start-stop-daemon -K -n apache-ssl -R 5; /usr/sbin/apache-ssl -f /etc/frontview/apache/httpd.conf”,
    “/var/log/frontview/error.log” => “start-stop-daemon -K -n apache-ssl -R 5; /usr/sbin/apache-ssl -f /etc/frontview/apache/httpd.conf”,

    Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out what was happening until many days after the problem started to occur, so I can’t say what I might have changed to cause it. All I can say for sure is that a) everything worked fine with OS 4.2.27 and syncthing 0.11.x, and b) the logtruncate script itself did not change between OS 4.2.27 and OS 4.2.28.

    Any ideas?