AirSonos (R4x86)


AirSonos is a server that adds Apple AirPlay (iOS, OS X) support to all Sonos devices on a network.


This add-on is really only useful if you own both:

  • An iOS device (iPad, iPod touch, iPhone) or an OS X computer
  • A Sonos wireless sound system

When enabled on your ReadyNAS AirSonos allows you to play music from your iOS/OSX device on any of your Sonos devices available on your network.

Also note: When playing from a Mac, direct streaming from iTunes is currently not supported. To work around this, hold the “alt” key and click on the speaker icon in your menu bar. Select the “Airsonos @ __” device as the output device and then start iTunes. Streaming to your Sonos device should now work as expected.

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