Kernel Modules (R6x86)


This package contains additional kernel drivers for x86 (Intel) ReadyNAS systems (RN3xx/RN5xx) running ReadyNAS OS 6. There are different versions available for the different kernels used in different ReadyNAS OS 6 releases.


This add-on offers different files for downloading. Generally you only need the one matching the ReadyNAS OS 6 release running on your ReadyNAS. Since not all ReadyNAS OS 6 releases use a new kernel, please use the following matrix to determine the version that fits your ReadyNAS:

Kernel Mod PackageReadyNAS OS 6 release
rnx-kernelmods_6., 6.2.1, 6.2.2
rnx-kernelmods_6., 6.2.4
rnx-kernelmods_6., 6.4.2
rnx-kernelmods_6., 6.7.2
rnx-kernelmods_6. 6.7.4

Important: Currently there are only kernel drivers for the x86 architecture (RN3xx/RN5xx) available.

Please note that after upgrading to a ReadyNAS OS 6 release that contains a new kernel you also need to install the kernel module package for that kernel afterwards.

You’ll also need to re-install the add-on when upgrading from one supported ReadyNAS OS 6 release to another, even if both releases are supported by the same kernel module package. That’s because after an upgrade the modules need to be registered with the kernel again.

At the moment the kernel module packages contain mostly drivers for DVB devices, namely USB TV stick. In addition there are drivers for USB serial devices included. If you’re missing a driver you need for a specific project just drop me an email and I’ll try to include it.

Update (2015-10-11) : With the release of ReadyNAS OS 6.4.0 which includes the Linux kernel 4.1.7 most drivers should work now, even for fairly recent USB devices.

Driver NameReason
DVB_M88DS3103Requires at least kernel 3.7.0
DVB_MN88472Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
DVB_MN88473Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
DVB_PT3Requires at least kernel 3.11.0
IR_GPIO_CIRRequires at least kernel 3.4.0
IR_HIX5HD2Requires at least kernel 3.10.0
IR_IMGRequires at least kernel 3.9.0
MEDIA_TUNER_E4000Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
MEDIA_TUNER_IT913XRequires at least kernel 3.4.0
MEDIA_TUNER_M88RS6000TRequires at least kernel 3.4.0
MEDIA_TUNER_M88TS2022Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
MEDIA_TUNER_MSI001Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
MEDIA_TUNER_TDA18212Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
RADIO_SI4713Requires at least kernel 3.13.0
RC_STRequires at least kernel 3.15.0
SOC_CAMERA_MT9M001Requires at least kernel 3.2.0
SOC_CAMERA_MT9M111Requires at least kernel 3.2.0
SOC_CAMERA_MT9T031Requires at least kernel 3.2.0
SOC_CAMERA_MT9V022Requires at least kernel 3.2.0
SOC_CAMERA_OV772XRequires at least kernel 3.2.0
SOC_CAMERA_PLATFORMRequires at least kernel 3.2.0
SOC_CAMERA_TW9910Requires at least kernel 3.2.0
SOC_CAMERARequires at least kernel 3.2.0
VIDEO_ADV7183Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_ADV7343Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
VIDEO_ADV7604Requires at least kernel 3.13.0
VIDEO_CODARequires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_LM3560Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
VIDEO_LM3646Requires at least kernel 3.4.0
VIDEO_M5MOLSRequires at least kernel 3.6.0
VIDEO_MEM2MEM_DEINTERLACERequires at least kernel 3.3.0
VIDEO_MT9P031Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_MT9T001Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_MT9V032Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_NOON010PC30Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_OV9650Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_RCAR_VINRequires at least kernel 3.9.0
VIDEO_RENESAS_VSP1Requires at least kernel 3.9.0
VIDEO_S5C73M3Requires at least kernel 3.6.0
VIDEO_S5K4ECGXRequires at least kernel 3.4.0
VIDEO_S5K5BAFRequires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_S5K6A3Requires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_S5K6AARequires at least kernel 3.5.0
VIDEO_SH_VEURequires at least kernel 3.9.0
VIDEO_THS8200Requires at least kernel 3.2.0
VIDEO_TVP514XRequires at least kernel 3.3.0
VIDEO_TVP7002Requires at least kernel 3.3.0
Release date:December 25, 2014
Last updated:May 13, 2017
Current version:Kernelmodules
Product type:ReadyNAS OS 6 Add-On (x86)
File format:.deb
File size:11M
Requirements:ReadyNAS OS 6.x (x86)
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