SNMPon (R4x86)


Every ReadyNAS comes with a full blown installation of SNMP. So monitoring the box that stores one’s critical data shouldn’t be a problem – weren’t it for the fact that SNMP is deemed a “business” feature by Netgear. Thus, SNMP is by default not only disabled on the non-business line of products. It also can’t be activated using the management interface. To remedy that problem I just wrote another add-on for the ReadyNAS (Intel line): SNMPon. It allows you to enable SNMP, set a public read-only community name, define a host where SNMP traps are being sent to and a list of hosts that are granted access to the SNMP information.

Release date:March 21, 2014
Last updated:November 13, 2010
Current version:0.1.1
Product type:ReadyNAS OS 4 Add-On (x86)
File format:.bin
File size:40KB
Requirements:ReadyNAS OS 4.x (x86) [4.2.15+]
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