sysPass 2 Password Manager (R6ALL)

sysPass is an intuitive, secure and multiuser password manager. It has password encryption with AES-256 CBC and is using PKI to send them securely.


sysPass requires a MySQL database backend. While the app will install the required packages if they aren’t already present on the ReadyNAS it is advisable but not necessary to use the MySQL Installer before installing sysPass. Of course you can also use a MySQL database that already exists on some other system in your network.

Because of the focus on security, installing the app also isn’t totally straight forward. After installation and opening the sysPass web interface for the first time, you need to configure the admin account as well as the MySQL connection settings. There are some important choices to make:

  1. Although the field for the name of the administrative user is pre-filled you’re free to choose any other user name
  2. This is the password you’ll later user to login to the administrative account when the installation is finished
  3. Important: This is the password newly created users will have to enter in addition to their normal password on their first login. It has to be 11 characters or more so chose wisely. It shouldn’t be easy to guess but then it shouldn’t be too hard to type either.
  4. Now comes the tricky part. Basically, there are two general options here:
    1. You didn’t change the password for the MySQL root user:
      • change the name for the DB access user from “root” to “syspass_su”
      • use the serial number of your NAS as the passoword (you can get it from the main screen of the ReadyNAS web ui)
    2. You did change the password for the root user (or you’re using an external MySQL server where the root user’s password is set):
      • Do not change the name for the DB access user
      • enter the password you gave the MySQL root account in the “DB access password” field
  5. Lastly, if you’re using an external MySQL server, specify its address here.

Once that’s done and you clicked the “Install” button sysPass will go about installing the needed database tables and prepare the admin account. Then it will forward you to a screen where it says that it needs to run some updates. After clicking the “Update” link on that page you’ll be forwarded again and required to enter a security code:

This security code can be found in the configuration file of sysPass which by now should be accessible through the newly created share “RNXconfig” on your ReadyNAS. In that share there’s a folder named “config” and in that folder you’ll find some files. Open the one named “config.xml” with a text editor of your choice and look for the string “upgradeKey”.

Copy the text between the “upgradeKey” markers and insert it into the “Security Code” field. SysPass will start to run the update and after a short while forward you to the login screen. You’re done installing and can now start using sysPass.

Release date:November 12, 2017
Last updated:December 25, 2017
Current version:2.1.15-1
Product type:ReadyNAS OS 6 Add-On
File format:.deb
File size:2MB
Requirements:ReadyNAS OS 6.8.0 or newer (x86 or ARM)
Price:€2.99 EUR
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