TVHeadend (R6 ARM) [RN2xx]


TVHeadend is a TV streaming server for your ReadyNAS supporting DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC, IPTV, SAT-IP and Analog video (V4L) (up to version 3.4) as input sources.


To be able to use TV Headend you’ll need at least the following:

Also, if you want to use live streaming you’ll also need:

  • either a frontend system with TV Headend support (Xbmc/Kodi, Myth TV, …)
  • or an iOS / Android app that supports TV Headend backends

Please Note:

Although TV Headend supports the ATSC standard used in North America it may be most useful for european users. That’s because there’s no integrated EPG system for the U.S. channels (yet?). In most of Europe EPG information is transmitted together with the TV signal, so there’s not much need for additional EPG services there. If anyone has information about the situation in Africa, Asia and Australia, please let me know.

Supported USB TV Sticks

Since the market for TV sticks is quite diffuse and since some of the manufacturers change the hardware of their sticks without relabeling them, I can’t provide a comprehensive list of adapters supported. Best way to find out is to check the list of drivers supported by the kernel that comes with your ReadyNAS OS. Currently that’s 4.4.89 (ReadyNAS OS 6.9.1).


Configuration of TVHeadend is explained in detail on the TVHeadend configuaration page.

Release date:December 2, 2017
Last updated:February 23, 2018
Current version:4.3-1112
Product type:ReadyNAS OS 6 Add-On (ARM)
File format:.deb
File size:10MB
Requirements:ReadyNAS OS 6.x (ARM) [6.9.0+]
Price:€6.99 EUR
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