PHP 7.4.25 (RNOS 6 x86 & ARM) [firmware 6.10.0 or newer required]

PHP Web Programming Language (Logo)

After another long time since PHP 7.4.11 and even more obstacles mastered here’s the latest update for the PHP add-on for ReadyNAS OS 6: PHP 7.4.25 for ReadyNAS boxes running ReadyNAS OS 6.10.0 or newer on x86 or ARM CPUs:

Note: With PHP 7.4 there’s also a change of the integration into the web server of the ReadyNAS. Instead of using an Apache module that is loaded on every request this version now uses a stand-alone demon process (FPM). This should result in lower RAM consumption, better performance and better scalability. That said, it may not work with older apps.

This release requires ReadyNAS OS 6.10.0 firmware or newer!

A word about the official Netgear Community (and how to not reach me there)

Nah, probably not what you think 😉 It’s just that lately I started receiving notifications about personal messages sent to my account there. Probably people also complain about me not answering or reacting in any way. Well. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to. The thing is that the forum software just won’t let me. No matter from where (home network, work network, mobile network) or with whatever device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPad) I try to login, all I’m getting is:

And yes, I also tried different browsers on the various devices, cleared cookies and whatnot. I suspect some kind of geo-fencing bullshit in action there.
Anyway: That’s why I don’t reply to personal messages and also don’t participate in the forums.

Fix for the “LetsEncrypt problem”

As you may know, one of the Root-CAs that are used by LetsEncrypt expired on September 30, 2021. Unfortunately this not only affects older browsers but also the ReadyNAS, mainly because the package ca-certificates of its underlying operating system never got updated and still uses the the expired Root-CA.

This affects all tools on the NAS that have to connect to external systems that use certificates from LetsEncrypt – and of course some add-ons like Nextcloud that regularly try to connect to external sites for updates.

To fix the problem I backported the ca-certificates package from the current Debian distribution (“bullseye”) to the ReadyNAS. I also rebuilt the most affected tools like curl, wget, gnutls and openssl. The complete package is available as a free add-on:

To install, make sure your ReadyNAS has a working internet connection (check the DNS settings) and just upload as you would with a normal add-on.

Note: After installation the add-on will NOT show up in the list of installed add-ons. This is done on purpose to not clutter the interface. If in doubt just install again, no harm there.

If you find the add-on useful, please consider a donation:

Gitea 1.14.6 (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 / ARM)

As with most other apps I updated Gitea more or less continuously, although without announcing every update. So as a short heads-up: Gitea is now available in version 1.14.6 for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 & ARM):

Syncthing 1.18.1 (R6x86 & R&ARM)


Since Syncthing automatically updates itself there’s no real need to manually update the packages on your ReadyNAS. But to make it easier for new users I just updated Syncthing for ReadyNAS OS 6 (ARM and x86) to the latest version.