Latest Samba updates from NTGR broken

First off: If you’re not updating your ReadyNAS from the command line you’re most likely not affected.
Also, if you never logged into your ReadyNAS using SSH, you’re most likely not affected.

However, if you’re updating your ReadyNAS from the SSH command line using something along the lines of apt update && apt full-upgrade chances are that you received the latest, broken updates to the samba packages, identified by the extension netgear4 to their version number.

This update by NTGR should provide a fix for CVE-2021-44142. However, in the process this fix seems to have broken the connection between the samba daemons and the central system daemon that monitors whether a service is running or not. As a result your SMB services won’t start anymore. Or to be more precise: they will start but since they can’t report back their status to systemd they’ll be killed again right away by systemd.

The quick fix

To fix this and revert to the old versions of samba without the broken fix you need to

  • log into your ReadyNAS using SSH as the user “root”
  • run the following command
    apt install samba=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \
    samba-common-bin=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \
    samba-common=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \
    samba-libs=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \
    libwbclient0=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \
    samba-vfs-modules=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \
    winbind=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \
    libnss-winbind=2:4.8.0-12.netgear3 \

I have no idea why NTGR published the broken samba packages seemingly without proper testing. Most likely their dev environment doesn’t exhibit the problem between samba and systemd.

When the shit hits the fan …

it’s going to be messy. Well, what can I say. When releasing the Nextcloud 20 add-on I failed to test it on a NAS without PHP 7.4 already installed. Thus I didn’t notice that the automatic pulling of the required PHP packages didn’t work. Sorry for that.

Now, why don’t I just fix it? Simple reason: my development environment – which happened to be on a ReadyNAS – crashed with a 100% data loss. I’m trying to recover what I can but that takes time. Time I currently don’t have for there’s loads of work at my normal day job.

So for all of you who already tried to install the Nextcloud 20 add-on, here’s the work-around for you: Just download and install the PHP 7.4 add-on which is now available free of charge. Then install Nextcloud 20 and you should be a happy camper again.

Again: sorry for the troubles and have fun with your ReadyNAS.