Gitea 1.9.4 (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 / ARM)

Gitea 1.9.4 has been released so I updated the apps/add-ons for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 & ARM):

Gitea 1.9.0 (ReadyNAS OS 6 x86 / ARM)

Gitea 1.9.0 has been released so I updated the apps/add-ons for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 & ARM):

Versions for RAIDiator 4 (x86) will follow later.

ReadyNAS OS 6.10.0 breaks PHP 7 and related add-ons

Although my ReadyNAS OS 6 systems don’t show the update yet ReadyNAS OS 6.10.0 has been released. Together with new features it also brings with it a new version of the built-in Apache web server, now at version 2.4 instead of version 2.2 in older versions of the firmware. Since PHP has to be complied and linked against the Apache version it is running under the current versions of the PHP7 add-ons will stop working on ReadyNAS OS 6.10.0. This of course affects all add-ons that depend on PHP, most notably OwnCloud and NextCloud.

I’m already working on a fix but it isn’t easy. In fact I need to build an own repository for the 6.10.x releases and I’m not sure how to best handle that in the future for similar breakages. For the moment my recommendation is to NOT upgrade to 6.10.0 unless that firmware fixes serious problems for you.

Jenkins on R4x86

With Java now available on the R4x86 platform I decided to also provide Jenkins for those ReadyNAS systems. So step by step my whole development platform becomes available on the ReadyNAS 😉 Anyway, if you want to run Jenkins on your ReadyNAS, you can grab it here:

Instead of running as the dedicated user “jenkins” – which would be the default on a manual install – the add-on makes Jenkins run under the “admin” account. This has the added benefit of Jenkins being able to update itself from within the application once a newer version becomes available.

So there’s a new Kernel in 6.1.5

By mistake I just updated my test system for R6 add-ons to OS 6.1.5 – only to find out that afterwards my BitCoin miner add-on refused to run. The reason: a new kernel obviously also requires a new kernel module for the mining hardware 😉 So it’s module compile time again, just when I was hoping to put the finishing touches to the add-on. That’s life.