Bye-bye Forums!

As the headline says: I got rid of the forums on this site. Not because I don’t want to hear about problems with the add-ons anymore but because the forums never really worked. Not for me and not for the users. I didn’t get notified of new or updated posts. Users weren’t able to access the forums. Not good. So I closed the forums for good. And decided that Slack might be a better alternative. The catch: you need to get an invitation to be able to join the RNXtras team on Slack. But fear not, all you need to do is to sign up using this link:

  • Add me to (link removed thanks to spammers)

After entering your email address into the form (no, I won’t sell nor even do anything with it, it’s just needed by Slack) you’ll get an invitation and you will be able to join the RNxtras team on Slack and get a chance to actually talk to me. But please don’t expect to me to be present 24/7. I’m a normal working guy with a family and it’d be really nice if you could keep that in mind.



  1. fastfwd says:

    When I try to sign up, I get “The Slack Invit [sic] token API is not correct, please tell the webmaster!”

  2. Interesting for it already worked for some users. Will try.

  3. Edward Niedziejko says:

    Getting message “invite limit reached, try again?” Unable to proceed.

  4. Sounds to me that IRC would have been a lot easier for everyone.