Python on Sparc Bugfix

First of all I’m really sorry for not being very responsive over the last weeks. Life interfered and didn’t give me much time to respond or even work on bug reports I received. However, having some air to breathe again, I today found the time to work on various problems reported with some of the Python-based add-ons on the ReadyNAS Sparc platform (NV, NV+, Duo).

The problem was not with the add-ons themselves but rather with the Python 2.7.10-sparc-2 add-on. I simply didn’t include an updated SQLite library that was needed by Python. Even more unfortunate was the fact that said library was installed on all of my testing boxes so I wasn’t able to find the problem until I had enough spare time to set up a system from scratch.

Be it as it may, there’s now an updated Python add-on available for ReadyNAS OS 4 Sparc. You can grab it from the “My Account” page.

Again, sorry for the troubles and the inconveniences.