Week of the overdue updates

After having finished two moves – one with the company, one private – and after rebuilding the development environment in the new location I finally found the time to run upgrades on various add-ons for the different ReadyNAS platforms. The main focus for the coming updates is on Python and the apps depending on this programming language. Some of you are painfully aware of the fact that since Python 2.7.9 the handling of SSL connections has changed. This alone wouldn’t have been a real problem since most apps already dealt with that change properly, SABnzbd being the sole exception I know of.

However, thanks to various vulnerabilities in the SSL protocol stack SSLv3 support was dropped by most web sites and certificate issuers. This posed a real problem since the OpenSSL library shipping with the older ReadyNAS models running RAIDiator 4.x and 5.x doesn’t properly the newer protocols TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 that are now in widespread use. The only way to fix this was to backport OpenSSL 1.0.2 to the older ReadyNAS platforms and do a complete rebuild of the Python packages. This took some trial and error and of course some time for compiling and testing. This being done I can now start to update the apps and see what has changed there.

In a nutshell, here’s what will be released over the next few days:

  • Python 2.7.10 with fixed SSL handling for ReadyNAS OS 4 (x86 and Sparc) and ReadyNAS OS 5 (ARM)
  • CouchPotatoServer for all ReadyNAS platforms
  • SickRage for all ReadyNAS platforms
  • Syncthing for all ReadyNAS platforms except ReadyNAS 4 Sparc
  • Deluge for all ReadyNAS platforms except ReadyNAS 4 Sparc
  • NZBGet for all ReadyNAS platforms
  • OwnCloud 8.2.2 for all ReadyNAS platforms

and possibly some other stuff I forgot to mention. In parallel I’m also working on another project I may write more about in an other post. For the time being I’m busy enough with preparing the updates.