MLDonkey Configuration (R5ARM)

Please Note

  • Due to the limited CPU and memory resources available on the ReadyNAS ARM line the throughput of MLDonkey on the ReadyNAS may be significantly lower than what you may be used to from running MLDonkey on your client computer. That’s not a problem with the software itself.


After installation of the add-on, MLDonkey’s web interface can be accessed by typing http://<ip of your NAS>:4080/ in your browser’s address field.
As an alternative you can click on the “Open MLDonkey’s web interface” button in MLDonkey’s add-on pane.


Please note: To ease initial setup, there’s no password set and also access is allowed from any IP address. Make sure to change these settings!


To add a password for the “admin” user, just do as told on the intro screen and enter “useradd addmin ” into the input box in the top center of the screen. If that worked, you’ll be prompted to authenticate before you can access MLDonkey’s web interface again.