SeedDMS (R6all)

Have you ever searched in vain for an important document? I for sure did. And since the flood of paper documents is still rising – despite of all the technology we use these days – I sought for a solution¬†that didn’t involve searching drawers and folders and binders – in short: a Document Management System. SeedDMS is exactly what I was looking for in that it is simple to use, doesn’t force me to use any predefined workflows (but it could if I told it to), has a freely modifiable directory/documents structure and includes access controls, keywords and full text search. So naturally, I made an app installer for it. Currently available only for the R6 platform (ARM and x86):

After installation SeedDMS will allow access with a default username/password of admin/admin. Please remember to change that as soon as possible.

Again: DropboxManager updated (R6x86)

Thanks to Brian I found a problem with DropboxManager that would result in the web interface crashing when there was no alert email address set in Dashboard. Fixed now and obviously there’s a new version 1.0.4:


DropboxManager Updated (R6x86)

Today I found a problem that would prevent the DropboxManager app from successfully updating the Dropbox daemon to a newer stable or testing release when a user’s Dropbox instance was up and running. Luckily this was easy to fix and so there’s now version 1.0.3 of the DropboxManager for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 only):

Please note that after installing the version you will most likely end up with Dropbox 2.6.27 being installed while DropboxManager will show 2.6.29 as being the latest version available. The reason for this is that Dropbox hasn’t updated the generic link to the latest stable version with the current binaries yet.

Finally: Dropbox for R6 (x86 only)

I know, it took me quite a while. But now I’m happy to announce the availability of the Dropbox Manager app for ReadyNAS R6x86. Sorry, no ARM version since Dropbox still doesn’t offer any ARM binaries. For R6x86 users the app offers the same features as the add-on on R4x86: There’s a global Dropbox that is linked to the ‘admin’ account and there are personal Dropboxes that can be linked to the different user accounts on the ReadyNAS. Also you can upgrade to and downgrade from newer stable and testing releases. So here’s the add-on:

Please note that after installation the Dropbox daemon can not be started from the Dashboard. Instead all management of the different Dropbox instances is done through the “Settings” link. That’s because the infrastructure provided by Netgear on the ReadyNAS doesn’t allow for starting/stopping multiple instances of any daemon.

Redmine Project Management 2.5.1 (R6all)

This one is from the “what I use” section: Redmine, the well know project management software is now available on the ReadyNAS OS 6. The app works on ARM systems as well as on x86 ones. Get it here and start managing your projects right on your ReadyNAS: