Jenkins 1.569 (R6all)

Here’s a small update to the Jenkins app for all R6-based ReadyNAS systems. The Jenkins application has been updated to version 1.569 and in addition the app has been modified in such a way that the now integrated auto-upgrades from within Jenkins work too. So the get the latest and greatest with auto-updates included, check this:

PHP 5.4.29 (R4x86)

The PHP project has released an update for PHP 5.4 that contains a fix for a possible DoS vulnerability. Since the build process on R4x86 was the fastest, here’s the updated add-on:

The version for R5ARM will foolow once the build has finished there.

Dropbox Manager 1.1.3 (R6x86)

With some spare time at my hands and a nagging user (that would be you, B. ;)) I made some changes to the Dropbox Manager for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86). I not only fixed the somewhat erratic startup behavior after a reboot of the ReadyNAS. Then I made Dropbox Manager to check for an existing installation and if there is one, it now won’t overwrite a previous install. This will prevent a reinstall from downgrading a possibly installed testing release to the latest official one. And lastly I also added user/admin authentication. This means that now you have to authenticate when trying to open the Dropbox Manager web page directly. Most likely you never noticed that you didn’t have to because most users go through the ReadyNAS Dashboard anyway and thus already were authenticated. If you’re using the “admin” account you won’t see any changes on the Dropbox Manager web page. If, however, you authenticate with normal user credentials, you’ll only see the management functions for the Dropbox of the user you authenticated as. Which means you can now hand out links to the Dropbox Manager page to your users and let them handle their Dropboxes themselves. Ok, a lot of words for an update, so here’s the link:

Have fun!

MLDonkey 3.1.5 (R6ARM, R6x86)

After updating/resurrecting the MLDonkey add-ons for R4 and R5 I now also finished work on versions for R6ARM and R6x86:

Both versions will create a share named “MLDonkey” on installation where all config stuff as well as incoming files and so on will be put by default.

Have fun!

PhpMyAdmin 4.2.2 (R4Sparc, R4x86, R5ARM)

Yet another update today: The PHPMyAdmin add-on for managing local and remote MySQL instances has been upgraded to the latest version for ReadyNAS systems running ReadyNAS OS4 or ReadyNAS OS 5:

Have fun!