rnxOS Notes

This is the Release Notes page for rnxOS 4, the successor to the EOLed RAIDiator 4.x operating system for NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS systems using the x86 (Intel) CPU architecture. Please note that this firmware will not run on the ReadyNAS NVX since I removed the 32 bit kernel used on that platform.


  • Removed the 32-bit kernel to gain some space
  • Updated glibc to 2.13-38+deb7u8.0
    • comes with optimized i686 libraries
  • Removed MySQL-Server to gain some space (will come back as a module, most likely MariaDB)
  • Removed MT-Daapd to gain some space (can be replaced with forked-daapd)
  • Enabled all “Pro” features on all ReadyNAS 4-x86 systems:
    • Support for Active Directory
    • Support for Teaming/Bonding of network interfaces
    • Support for VLANs
    • Support for Rsync over SSH Tunnels (sending and receiving)
    • Activate “Tune SMB/CIFS for Mac OS X”
    • Support for Snapshots
    • Activate SNMP error reporting
    • Allow for defining manual network routes
    • Allow creation of iSCSI targets


  • Re-compile and update the most important packages of the base system
  • Update Samba to Samba4
  • Update CUPS to 2.x
  • Update Apache to 2.4.x
  • Update Avahi to the version used by RNOS 6
  • Include OpenVPN (or make it a module)
  • Set up a repository for easy updates
    • Include a check for available updates
  • Optimize the web interface even more
  • Optimize display of installed add-ons for systems with a lot of add-ons installed