SABnzbd 2.1.0-2 (ReadyNAS OS 6 All Platforms)

I just uploaded a slightly modified version of SABnzbd 2.1.0 for ReadyNAS OS 6 systems. This version should fix at least some of the problems reported when installing, especially on ARM based systems. Since I can’t reproduce the errors locally I have to trust the statements from those I sent this version for testing. If you still have problems installing the version, please send the installation logs from your ReadyNAS to the “info” email address.

ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5 Released (x86 & ARM)

The headline says it all: ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5 is released for x86 and ARM based systems. Besides the things mentioned in the release notes this version also fixes some problems people were having when installing OwnCloud and SABnzbd on the ReadyNAS systems running ReadyNAS OS 6.7.4. If your ReadyNAS doesn’t show the update to 6.7.5 as being available you can grab the archives on the following locations for manual upload to your ReadyNAS:

Update: As it turns out this version will fix all problems for x86 users but still won’t allow all ARM users to install SABnzbd successfully.

SABnzbd 2.0.1-3 Update for ARM based ReadyNAS 6

As it turned out there were problems installing the SABnzbd app on ARM based ReadyNAS OS 6 systems. The reason is that the sabyenc module is built directly on the NAS during the installation process and this particular step fails on those systems. So for now I disabled building the module on ARM boxes. This will give ARM users a slightly slower encoding and will show up as a warning but won’t affect general operation of SABnzbd. Once I can get hold of an ARM based ReadyNAS to replace my broken one I’ll fix this properly. For now please download the updated SABnubd add-on without sabyenc.

SABnzbd 1.1.1-2 (R6all – Bugfix)

No real update but a bugfix this time. A simple permission problem prevented SABnzbd from starting properly on fresh installations on systems running on ReadyNAS OS 6. This is fixed with this version.

DropboxManager 1.2.0 for ReadyNAS OS 6 6.6.0+


With ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0 NETGEAR switched the underlying operating system from Debian 7 (Wheezy) to Debian 8 (Jessie). However some parts are still stuck on older versions and unfortunately the Apache web server powering the ReadyNAS web interface is one of them. This lead to a problem with the DropboxManager add-on which relied on libapache2-mod-wsgi. The update to Debian 8 broke this module and in consequence prevented DropboxManager from being installed on ReadyNAS systems running ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0 or newer. So I decided to rip out the whole libapache2-mod-wsgi dependency and ship the add-on as a stand-alone app. So if you want to (re-)install the DropboxManager app on ReadyNAS OS 6.6.0 make sure to first grab the latest version:

As always: Yes, this is still x86 only for Dropbox still doesn’t offer ARM binaries. Sorry.