Jenkins 2.3.8 (R6all / R4x86)

Jenkins CI - Continuous Integration App

After not having updated Jenkins for quite a while I thought I might as well go directly to version 2 for the supported platforms. So here it is: Jenkins 2.38 for ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 and ARM platforms) and RAIDiator 4 (x86 only).

When upgrading from previous versions please be advised that Jenkins will now automatically secure the web interface if you haven’t already done so. This is done using basic authentication so you might be asked for a username and password on first login. The username to use is “admin”, the password can be found on the “Installed Add-ons” page on RAIDiator 4 or by entering the URL http://ip.of.your.nas/apps/jenkins/InitialPassword in your browser (ReadyNAS OS 6). Please allow some minutes of update work before trying.

Jenkins 1.569 (R6all)

Here’s a small update to the Jenkins app for all R6-based ReadyNAS systems. The Jenkins application has been updated to version 1.569 and in addition the app has been modified in such a way that the now integrated auto-upgrades from within Jenkins work too. So the get the latest and greatest with auto-updates included, check this:

Jenkins on R4x86

With Java now available on the R4x86 platform I decided to also provide Jenkins for those ReadyNAS systems. So step by step my whole development platform becomes available on the ReadyNAS 😉 Anyway, if you want to run Jenkins on your ReadyNAS, you can grab it here:

Instead of running as the dedicated user “jenkins” – which would be the default on a manual install – the add-on makes Jenkins run under the “admin” account. This has the added benefit of Jenkins being able to update itself from within the application once a newer version becomes available.

Java 6 and 7 for R4x86

While working on some other stuff I thought “Why not test whether SunJava still works on the R4(x86) ReadyNAS platform?”. So I gave it a try and would you know it – it works. So for all of you who want to run Java apps on the ReadyNAS there’s now an option to do so. The SunJava add-ons are provided free of charge, so feel free to download and test them.