SABnzbd 2.3.2 (RAIDitator 4 Sparc)

Finally. After finding some spare time I was able to build SABnzbd 2.3.2 for ReadyNAS systems still running on the SPARC platform. While I was on it I also built sabyenc 3.3.2 as well as unRAR 5.5.8 and included both with the add-on. And here’s the addon:

SABnzbd 2.1.0 (All ReadyNAS Platforms)

Although it took me a bit I’m happy to announce SABnzbd 2.1.0 for all ReadyNAS platforms – including the old Sparc boxes running ReadyNAS OS 4. Before getting to the actual downloads I need to point out a few differences:

While on ReadyNAS OS 6 (x86 and ARM) sabyenc and p7zip are included, this was done by using the packages already available with the underlying base operating system. No such luck on the other platforms though. Thus I had to build sabyenc and p7zip manually which gave me the opportunity to upgrade the latter to it’s latest version 16.02. So whereas ReadyNAS OS 6 uses p7zip 9.20 all other platforms enjoy a much improved version. And while I was on it, I also updates unRAR to version 5.5.4 on ReadyNAS OS 4 (RAIDiator 4) on x86 as well as on ReadyNAS OS 5 (RAIDiator 5) for the older ReadyNAS ARM systems. Unfortunately it still refuses to compile on SPARC but I’m sure I’ll be able to provide an updated unRAR for SPARC soon. Once there I also ported Multithreaded Par2 in version 0.7.2 to all the platforms, so this is newer on those than on ReadyNAS OS 6 as well. I’ll see what I can do for ReadyNAS OS 6 – maybe provide a separate repository which thankfully is possible since ReadyNAS OS 6.7.x. We’ll see.

Somewhat related are some bugs in different versions of NETGEAR’s NAS OS I found throughout the testing of the apps.

  • ReadyNAS OS 6.7.0 – 6.7.4 will not delete uploaded apps from the /tmp folder once the installation is finished. Unless you’re an app hunter chances are pretty low that you’ll run out of disk space because of that, but you may wish to keep an eye on this. This is already reported to NETGEAR and should be fixed in ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5.
  • ReadyNAS OS 6.7.0 – 6.7.4 will no longer overwrite an app if the same version is installed again. In fact, the app will not even get installed at all. This may be a bit problematic in case you want to start fresh or just re-install an app. Again, this is already reported to NETGEAR and should be fixed in ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5.
  • Lastly for ReadyNAS 6.7.0 – 6.7.4 there’s a bug that will only hit app developers: If you’re using the newly introduced feature of specifying external repositories for your app there’s a chance that the installer chokes on the repository’s certificate and thus refuses to add the repo and with it the app. As above, this is already reported to NETGEAR and should get fixed with ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5.
  • A final bug affects ReadyNAS OS 5 (RAIDiator 5) on the older ARM platform. The web interfaces seems to become more and more incompatible with modern browsers. This affects the upload of apps which will result in an error message saying “Unexpected Server Error”. The only browser that seems to still be happy with those systems is Firefox (at least on my Mac).

Now, after a quite lengthy post, here are the links to the downloads for SABnzbd 2.1.0 for the different ReadyNAS platforms:

SABnzbd 1.2.0 (All ReadyNAS Platforms)

So here we are again with another SABnzbd update. This time I managed to build for all ReadyNAS platforms and without further ado those are the links to the add-ons:

OwnCloud 9.1.3 (All ReadyNAS Platforms)

New year, new ownCloud. Ok, the release of 9.1.3 was almost two weeks ago but I didn’t find the time to build and upload the version. But here it is now for all ReadyNAS platforms:

SABnzbd 1.1.0 (all ReadyNAS platforms)


Another update I forgot to mention due too much work: SABnzbd has been released in version 1.1.0 and the corresponding add-ons for your ReadyNAS can be found here: